06 - Publishing: Internet Safety


06 - Publishing: Internet Safety

Now it is time to get your podcast out to people via the Internet; however, before you do so it is important to address safety. The Internet can be a great resource. You can research information for homework, communicate with friends and family, and share pictures online. You may have created your own Web site or Blog. As you become an advanced Internet user, it is important that you act responsibly.

Don’t talk to strangers

You have heard this since you were little. It might seem like fun to talk to other students about your life and what you enjoy doing. Unfortunately not everyone is who they say they are on the Internet. Some kids have been tricked by adults who pretend they are young adults. Make sure that you know the people you talk to over the Internet, unless you have permission from your parents.

Never give personal information on the Internet

Sometimes students join sites like Myspace.com that ask them to create a personal profile. Make sure that you do not include personal information in any profiles you create online. You might even want to consider creating a special name to use on the Internet or in email.

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Telephone numbers
  1. 1.Could someone easily find information about you? Open the Internet and go to google.com and enter your name. What did you find?

  2. 2.Enter your phone number in Google. What did you find?

06 - Publishing: Copyright Policies

Information on the Internet is copyrighted. It belongs to the author and you should not use the resources without permission. Make sure that you do your own work and always keep in mind that you should cite your resources.

Art Rights & Wrongs

This award-winning ThinkQuest site was created by a class of 5th and 6th graders from Queens, NY. It teaches fair use of art and images by modeling correct practice, explaining how to obtain permission to use copyrighted material, and providing information on trademarks, licenses and cyber counterfeits.

District Copyright and Web Publishing

This Bellingham Public Schools site offers teachers and students clear guidance on republishing Internet text and graphics, models high standards for district policy and offers further resources on the issue of Internet copyright.

06 - Publishing: Get Your Podcast Out

Now let’s get your podcast out to interested audiences:

  1. 1.Export: Save finished recording as MP3

  2. 2.Save: Save to your computer or a Flash Drive

  3. 3.Post: Blog or Web page

  4. 4.RSS feed: (Software that creates the RSS feed if your Web server doesn’t create one for you)

  5. 5.Submit: the Web address of your RSS feed to podcast directories

  6. 6.Get subscribers!


  • Advertise: Get info about your podcast into class and school announcements and newsletter
  • Educate: Teach parents, students and co-workers how to SUBSCRIBE to your podcast
  • Episodes: Create regular episodes to get a following
  • Plug: Share reviews and links to other related podcasts
  • Feedback: Make yourself open to feedback from listeners with comment areas and podcast email address
  • Listener Participation: Read and respond to emails
  • Global: Interview people via Skype
  • Show Notes: Post a table of contents along with links and credits on blog; mention show notes in podcast

06 - Publishing: Podcast Examples

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