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Employee Resource Groups and Networks at Microsoft

At Microsoft, we believe that our continued success depends on the diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds that our employees bring to the company. To help foster diversity and inclusion, Microsoft has a rich community of Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Employee Networks (EN). These organizations provide career development, support, networking opportunities, mentoring, community participation, product input, and assistance in activities that promote cultural awareness. Their programs include speaker series, scholarship programs, community service, development conferences, and heritage celebrations.

Employee Resource Groups

The Employee Resource Groups represent constituencies that are collectively global. Members voluntarily work together to align with the Microsoft GD&I strategy and to improve Microsoft business in the global marketplace. They serve as internal resources to ensure that diverse perspectives are included in business operations, marketing, and product development activities. Members can participate in awareness, recruitment, on-boarding, and community outreach events. The groups provide a sense of community in the workplace, offer a forum for their members to discuss relevant challenges and opportunities, and enable joint efforts on common areas of interests.

Employee Networks

The Employee Networks represent a variety of constituencies, including those based on national heritage, ethnicity, and family role. They support the company’s diversity strategy through more focused scopes of action. While Employee Resource Groups are more globally oriented, Employee Networks are more country specific.