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Latino/Hispanic Employee Resource Group

Facts About the Latino/Hispanic Employee Resource Group (ERG)

  • The Latino/Hispanic ERG brings together different groups from cultural constituencies that previously operated as individual employee networks.
  • More than 1,000 employees are members of the Latino/Hispanic ERG, which has chapters in the states of Washington, Florida, California, Texas, and North Carolina.

HOLA is a Microsoft employee resource group that provides professional and social networking for employees of Latino descent at Microsoft. HOLA is committed to promoting the development, growth, advancement and general well-being of Hispanics and Latinos at Microsoft.

HOLA’s vision is to educate and connect Microsoft to the Latino/Hispanic communities and enable the company’s mission within the global Latino/Hispanic communities to realize their full potential.

HOLA’s mission
  • Enhance employee development and support building a pipeline within Microsoft through aiding in recruiting, retaining and advancing current and future employees of Latino descent.
  • Engage the Latino/Hispanic communities in the development of products and services
  • Be a resource for promoting our products to the global Latino/Hispanic communities and organizations
  • Drive and participate in community outreach events

HOLA engages at Microsoft by:
  • Supporting the global diversity and inclusion strategy, focusing on representation, inclusion and market innovation
  • Promoting career and leadership development for employee of Latino descent
  • Assisting in recruiting the best and the brightest to Microsoft
  • Identifying and leading ‘sponsor’ relationships with external organizations with similar charters and investments