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Parents Employee Resource Group

The Parents Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a community of individuals who provide encouragement and guidance, and share resources and experiences, to support all types of families at Microsoft.

Facts About Parents ERG

  • Has more than 3,500 employee members, worldwide.
  • Consists of several smaller Employee Networks, including Working Parents, Dads @ Microsoft, Microsoft Adoption, Single Parents at Microsoft, as well as Parents Network Discussion Groups such as Parents of Multiples, Expectant and New Moms, Parents with Special (needs) Children, Parents of Teens and Mentor Moms.
  • Has been instrumental in obtaining back-up child care, the child care referral service, mothers' rooms, and raising overall awareness of the challenges of being a good parent.

Parents ERG at Microsoft and in the Community

Our goal is to bring together people who are experiencing similar challenges in juggling parenting and working at Microsoft. The Parents ERG strives to create awareness at Microsoft of these challenges and to provide services and support that enable Parents ERG members to be good parents and good corporate citizens.

Some of the events that Parents ERG helps to support include:

  • Microsoft Adoption Fair – Since 2007, the Microsoft Adoption group has hosted an Annual Adoption Fair in November, bringing multiple adoption and foster care agencies and resources onsite to share information and answer questions about their programs. Related seminars are offered throughout the day.
  • Bring Your Kids to Work Day (formerly Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day) – Hosted annually by the Parents ERG, Bring Your Kids to Work Day (BYKTWD) provides an opportunity for employees to expose our young students to what a parent or mentor in their lives does during the work day. It is a great opportunity to show them the value of their education, help them discover the power and possibilities ahead, and provide them with an opportunity to share how they envision the future and begin steps toward their goals in a hands-on and interactive environment. It is always a fun-filled day at Microsoft! The kids can take advantage of learning more about Microsoft jobs, see cool product demos and Xbox games, as well as engage in other fun activities.
  • Washington State Fathers Network (WSFN) State Conference – In October, Washington State Father’s Network invites dads across the state having children with special needs to join other great dads for an exciting, informative, insightful conference. The sessions are in direct response to dads’ requests, and can range from handling stress to Individualized Education Program (IEP) guidance. There are also a few favorite traditions, like the Fathers Panel, and Open Mic. It’s always a unique and powerful day.

For more information about Parents ERG or for speaking opportunities, please contact the Parents ERG Board.