Cross Disability Employee Resource Group

The Cross Disability (XD) Employee Resource Group (ERG) was formed in 2009 from constituents of 10 different employee networks. The ERG represents employees with conditions such as hearing loss, blindness, visual impairments, ADD, mobility disabilities, and dyslexia.


The XD ERG's goal is to enable employees at Microsoft to reach their full potential through inclusion, representation, and access to accommodations and in doing so, be the employer of choice for people with disabilities globally. The ERG's four key priorities in pursuit of this goal have a direct impact on Microsoft and its employees:

  • Drive internal visibility to ensure that there is an awareness of disability groups and that adequate accommodations and resources are available. Provide a resource pool of people who can share a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to succeed at Microsoft.
  • Help Microsoft be best-in-practice with software, tools, buildings, and events that are accessible to all people with disabilities. Collaborate with our product teams to design, develop, and build accessible Microsoft products and drive accessibility improvements in the work environment.
  • Build external awareness of Microsoft as the employer of choice for people with disabilities. Work with community partners to share Microsoft's approach and best practices in the areas of accessibility and ergonomic accommodations.