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        • To download the SQL Critical Update Kit:
          1. Click on the SQLCritUpdPkg_ENU.exe link to start the download.
          2. When the download begins, you can choose whether to run the SQLCritUpdPkg_ENU.exe file remotely from the server or save it to the local machine. The SQLCritUpdPkg_ENU.exe self-extracting file will run remotely and extract the necessary files to the local machine. However, if you want to run the SQL Critical Update Kit on other machines, you should download the self-extracting file and save it locally.
          NOTE If you plan to deploy SQL Critical Update Kit across your enterprise, you should download the self-extracting file and place it on a public share so that it can be easily run throughout your organization.
          3. If you decided to run the self-extracting file from the server, skip to step 4. If you saved this file locally, navigate to the directory where you saved this file, and run it to extract the files.
          4. When run, the self-extracting file requires you to accept the EULA and then asks you to select a destination to save the extracted files. The default location is C:\SQLCritUpdPkg, but you can specify your own location as long as it is on the local machine. Extracting remotely to a UNC share is not supported.
          5. For additional details on the tools, refer to the readme files included in the installed package.

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