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    • Update for Microsoft Point of Service for .NET v1.12 (KB980087)

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          1. Choose Download on this page to start the download.
          2. Choose Save to copy the self extracting executable file to your computer for installation.
          3. Expand the self-extracting executable file.
          4. Read the eula.rtf file for the Supplemental License Terms.
          5. Read the readme.txt file for installation instructions.

          For example: If you have saved to the root directory of your C drive, type KB980087.exe at the Command Prompt in the root directory of the C drive:

          c:\> c:\kb980087.exe

          The self extracting executable creates a directory off the root of the C drive named kb980087:


          This directory contains:
          • kb980087.msp (Installation File)
          • eula.rtf (Supplemental License Terms)
          • readme.txt (Update Package Installation Instructions)

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