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    • Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget

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        • Terms of Use:
          You may use the gadget as provided to you by Microsoft (i.e., “as is;” you may not modify the gadget in any way) for the sole purpose of identifying the time remaining until Windows XP end of support.

          To install the gadget, follow these instructions:
          1. Download and save the gadget to your Windows 7 computer.
          2. Double-click the gadget (with a .gadget file extension).
          3. If you are prompted with a security warning dialog, confirm by clicking Install.
          4. If you have already installed the gadget, you are presented with a dialog to confirm replacement. Click Replace.
          5. The gadget is automatically installed on the desktop. If not, open the Desktop Gadget Gallery in the control panel, right-click the gadget and click Add.
          1. Right-click the Windows XP EOS Countdown Timer gadget and click Uninstall.
          2. You are prompted to confirm uninstallation. Click Uninstall.

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