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    • MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search

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      File NameDownload LinkSize
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-us.exeRecommendedClick here8.8 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-au.exeRecommendedClick here8.4 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ca.exeRecommendedClick here8.4 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-gb.exeRecommendedClick here8.4 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-id.exeRecommendedClick here8.3 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ie.exeRecommendedClick here8.3 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-in.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-my.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-nz.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ph.exeRecommendedClick here8.3 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-sg.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ww.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
      MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-za.exeRecommendedClick here8.2 MB
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        • To download an English-language version of the MSN Toolbar for your country, scroll farther down the page to the Files in this Download section, then click the link for your location.

          For example:
              If you are in the US click on MSNSearchToolbarSetup_EN-US.exe
              If you are in the UK click on MSNSearchToolbarSetup_EN-GB.exe
              If you are in Canada click on MSNSearchToolbarSetup_EN-CA.exe
              If you are in Australia click on MSNSearchToolbarSetup_EN-AU.exe
              If you are in Indonesia click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-id.exe
              If you are in Ireland click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ie.exe
              If you are in India click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-in.exe
              If you are in Malaysia click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-my.exe
              If you are in New Zealand click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-nz.exe
              If you are in the Philippines click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ph.exe
              If you are in Singapore click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-sg.exe
              If you are in South Africa click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-za.exe
              For Global English click on MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-ww.exe

          Do one of the following:
            To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
            To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.

          To download the MSN Toolbar in another language, under Change language at the top of this page, select a language from the drop-down list, and then click Go.

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