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    • Microsoft Office Live Small Business Code Sample: Property Value Estimator

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        • To install the code sample download, do the following:
          1. Click the Download link, and then save the file to your computer.
          2. Double-click OfficeLivePropertyEstimator.exe. The set-up program starts.
          3. Follow the instructions on the screen to copy the individual Property Value Estimator files to your computer.
          Note: By default, OfficeLivePropertyEstimator.exe copies files to the following location: C:\Microsoft Office Live Developer Resources\ Property Value Estimator Sample.

          To deploy the code sample, do the following:
          1. To get a Zillow Web Services Identification (ZWSID), register with at:

          2. Verify that contacts with home addresses exist in the Business Contacts List in Contact Manager in your Office Live Small Business account.
          3. On the left navigation bar, click Business Applications.
          4.On the left navigation bar, click Add Application.
          5. Under Select an Application, click Add or find custom applications.
          6. In the bottom box, click Upload a custom application, and then click OK.
          7. In File (.olp), click Browse and browse to the
          PropertyValueEstimator.olp file in the location to which you downloaded the sample.
          8. Click Add solution. The Property Value Estimator code sample has been added to the account as a business application.
          9. On the left navigation bar, click Business Applications.
          10. On the left navigation bar, click Property Value Estimator.
          11. In the document library, right-click zillowsample.jsx, and then click Save target as.
          12. Browse to a location, such as C:\Microsoft Office Live Developer Resources\Property Value Estimator Sample, and click Save. In the Download complete dialog box, click Close.
          13. In the location where you just saved the zillowsample.jsx file, open the file and insert your ZWSID between the quotation marks in the following section of code:
          var g_strZillowId = ""; // ZWSID code
          14. Save and close the zillowsample.jsx file.
          15. In Office Live Small Business, in the left navigation pane, click Property Value Estimator.

          16. Click Upload, and then Upload document.
          17. Browse to the location of the updated zillowsample.jsx file, select it, and then click Open.
          18. On the Upload document page, click OK.
          19. In the document library, click the samplepage.aspx file.

          Note: Neither the user interface nor the code in this sample has been localized. This sample will not function in an Office Live Small
          Business account with a locale other than English (United States).

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