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  • MSF for Agile Software Development Process Template v4.2

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    1) Download and Run the .exe file, and follow the instructions to download the zip file.
    2) Extract all the files from the zip file to a known location on your computer.
    3) Follow the instructions at How to: Upload a Process Template

    Note: When you try to extract the files into a location with a long path you might be prompted for a password. The issue appears to lie in the Windows Extraction Wizard. When you extract a file with a long path into a location with a long path, the combined path length seems to exceed the capability of the Extraction Wizard. Unfortunately, instead of an informative error message, you are prompted for a password.

    As a simple workaround, try the following when the Extraction Wizard prompts you for a location to place the extracted files. Instead of choosing a location with a long path (e.g., the Desktop or My Documents), extract the files to a shallow path, like the root of a drive, such as C:\.

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