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    • Project Server 2003: Portfolio Analyzer OLAP Extensions

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        • To install this download:
          1. Download the file by clicking the Download link (above) and saving the file to your hard disk.
          2. Double-click the pj11OlapExtensions.exe program file on your hard disk to start the setup program.
          3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.The default installation directory is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2003 SDKs\Microsoft Office Project 2003 SDK\Solution Starters
          Instructions for use:

          To install the download, double-click the pj11OlapExtensions.exe file in the directory where you saved it. The installer creates the directory OLAP Extensions in your installation directory, with the subdirectories PayPeriodDimension, TaskEarnedValue, and TaskIssuesRisks. The installation directory (default Solution Starters) also includes a backup copy of the self-extracting file OLAPExtensions.exe. To reinstall the solution starter, double-click OLAPExtensions.exe and follow the instructions

          Each of the three samples is independent, and each includes some files with the same names as the other samples. The HTML Help file includes a discussion of what you would need to do to test and install more than one OLAP extension for Portfolio Analyzer.

          To use the Task Earned Value extension, for example, the HTML Help file explains how to use the scripts in the TaskEarnedValue\Utils directory that extend the Project Server publishing query, and extend the view tables and cube staging tables. The TaskEarnedValue\OLAPDemoGroup.vbg is the Visual Basic project group that loads the test application project and the DLL project for the Task Earned Value OLAP extension.

          To remove this download:

          To remove the download file itself, delete the file pj11OlapExtensions.exe.

          To remove the installed files, delete the following from your installation directory:
          • OLAPExtensions.exe
          • OLAP Extensions directory and related subdirectories and files

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