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    • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) for Windows7

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        • Installing AD LDS
          1. Download AD LDS for Windows 7.
          2. Run the downloaded AD LDS file to install the AD LDS binaries.
          3. Refer to the following instructions for installing AD LDS instances:
            1. Create a new AD LDS instance:
            2. Create a replica AD LDS instance:
            3. Perform an unattended install of an AD LDS instance:

          Uninstalling the AD LDS binaries
          1. Uninstall all AD LDS instances as explained in the section, “Uninstalling an AD LDS instance”.
          2. Go to Control Panel, select Programs, click on Programs and Features, and click on View installed updates.
          3. Select Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service for Windows 7.
          4. Click Uninstall.

          Upgrading Windows Vista with AD LDS to Windows 7
          1. You need to back up content of all the AD LDS instances on the machine that you want to upgrade. This can be done with dsbutil or the personal backup system of the ISV application.
          2. Using dsbutil follow the instructions under Backup up AD LDS instance data with Dsdbutil.exe at
          3. Uninstall all the AD LDS instances as explained in the section "Uninstalling an AD LDS instance".
          4. Uninstall the AD LDS binaries as explained in the section "Uninstalling the AD LDS binaries".
          5. Upgrade the operating system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 using the standard upgrade procedure. The upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 will be blocked by the compatibility check if AD LDS is installed. You will not be able to proceed with the Windows upgrade.
          6. After completing the operating system upgrade, download and install AD LDS for Windows 7.
          7. To restore the AD LDS instance’s data, follow the instructions listed at:

          You can post your questions and feedback to the Microsoft Active Directory newsgroup at

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