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          • Upgrade from Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 Refresh and Windows Server AppFabric RC is supported. However upgrade from older versions of Windows AppFabric (Beta 1 and Beta 2) is not supported. Before starting the installation, uninstall older versions (pre-Beta 2 refresh) of Windows Server AppFabric, then install pre-requisite software. It is important to uninstall Windows Server AppFabric Beta 1, Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 before uninstalling .NET 4 Beta 2 or .NET 4 RC respectively and installing the final version of .NET 4. For more information and a work-around see the release notes.
          • Click the Download button to download the appropriate file for your operating system and architecture. See the table in the additional information section to select the correct file.
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          • The installation wizard will start; follow the instructions to complete the installation. For more information on how to use the wizard to configure your system consult the getting started guide.

          • NOTE: While using Windows Server AppFabric, you may configure your server, site or your application to use some AppFabric’s specific features. Upon uninstall of AppFabric, however, this may cause your applications to be in a non-functional or undesirable state. Reinstalling a later build of AppFabric will address this issue, or alternatively we have created an uninstall cleanup utility that will automatically restore the state of your applications. This readme describes the use of the uninstall tool that is downloadable here.

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