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    • Windows Azure AppFabric SDK V1.0 - April Update

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      WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msiRecommendedClick here2.0 MB
      WindowsAzureAppFabricDocs.chmRecommendedClick here3.4 MB
      WindowsAzureAppFabricSDKSamples_V1.0-CS.zipRecommendedClick here896 KB
      WindowsAzureAppFabricSDKSamples_V1.0-VB.zipRecommendedClick here659 KB
      WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x64.msiRecommendedClick here2.0 MB
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        • On this page, click Download, then click Run. Alternatively, you can click Save to download the .msi installer file to your computer. Then, navigate to the location at which you saved the .msi file, double-click the .msi file, and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. If you save the .msi file on your computer, you can also use the command line. Note that if you are downloading the 64-bit installer, in the lines below change the installer name from WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi to WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x64.msi.
          • To install with the defaults, run: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi /qn
          • To install in a custom folder: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi APPLICATIONFOLDER=C:\CustomFolder /qn, where C:\CustomFolder is the drive and path where you want the application to install
          • To install everything except the tools: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi INSTALL_TOOLS=0 /qn
          • To repair the current installation, run: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi REINSTALL=ALL /qn. Note that even if REINSTALL is set to ALL, only those features that were installed previously are reinstalled
          • To uninstall from command line you just run: msiexec /X WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi /qn
          • To remove the tools, use: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi REMOVE=Feature_Tools /qn
          • Notice that by default the SDK adds support for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 if both of them are present in the target machine. If you have both versions of the .NET Framework locally on your machine but you only want the SDK to add support for one or the other run the below command lines:
            • To add support for .NET 3.5 and also install the Tools, run: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi ADDLOCAL=NET3.5_Assemblies,Feature_Tools /qn
            • To add support for .NET 4.0 and also install the Tools, run: msiexec /I WindowsAzureAppFabricSDK-x86.msi ADDLOCAL=NET4.0_Assemblies,Feature_Tools /qn
            • If you do not want to install the tools all you have to do is to remove “,Feature_Tools” from the command lines above
          After downloading the WindowsAzureAppFabricDocs.chm file, you'll have to "unblock" it to view its contents. This was a security improvement that was recently added. To unblock, right click the CHM file, click Properties and then click Unblock. Please click here for more information.

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