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  • System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 QFE Rollup [KB 2250444]

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      • This Data Protection Manager 2010 rollup package consists of three separate updates.

        To install each update, follow these steps:
        1. Install the rollup package on the server that is running Data Protection Manager 2010. To do this, run the DataProtectionManager2010-KB2250444.exe file on the server.
          Note You must restart the Data Protection Manager server after you install this rollup package.
        2. Update the remote Microsoft SQL Server installation that is hosting the DPMDB database. To do this, run the SqlPrep-KB2250444.msp file on the computer that is running SQL Server.
          Note This step is not required if you are running a SQL Server DPMDB instance on the Data Protection Manager 2010 server.
        3. In the DPM Administrator Console, update the protection agents. To do this, use one of the following methods:
          • Method 1: Update the protection agents from the DPM Administrator Console
            1. Open the DPM Administrator Console.
            2. Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.
            3. Select a computer from the Protected Computer list, and then click Update on the Action pane.
            4. Click Yes, and then click Update Agents.
            5. When you receive the Enter Credentials and Reboot option dialog box, enter your credentials, select the Manually restart the selected servers later option, and then click OK.
              Note You do not have to restart the computer to update the agent. This is why the Manually restart the selected servers later option was selected.
          • Method 2: Update the protection agents on the protected computers
            1. Obtain the update protection agent package from the "Data Protection Manager installation location\DPM\Agents\RA\ 3.0.7706.00 " directory on the Data Protection Manager 2010 server.
              • For x64-based update: amd64\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_KB2250444_AMD64.exe
              Note The DPMAgentInstaller.exe package applies to all languages.
            2. Run the appropriate DPMAgentInstaller.exe package on each protected computer.
            3. Open the DPM Administrator Console on the Data Protection Manager 2010 server.
            4. Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.
            5. Select the protected computers, and then verify that the agent version is listed as 3.0.7706.00.
        4. Run the DPMManagementShell2010-KB2250444.msp file.
          Note This step is not required if you are running the Data Protection Manager Management Shell on the Data Protection Manager 2010 server.

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