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  • Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook - Version 2.5.2

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        2. Unzip the compressed file that you downloaded in a blank directory on your computer.
        Instructions for how to use this tool:

        After you install this download, open a Command Prompt window in the directory that contains the CalCheck.exe file. To obtain detailed instructions, type the calcheck /? command in the Command Prompt window, and then press Enter.

        Here is a list of command-line switches for CalCheck.exe:

        CalCheck [-P <Profile name>] [-L <path\file>] [-M <LegacyExchangeDN>] [-N <DisplayName>] [-O <path>] [-C <Version>] [-A] [-F] [-R] [-V]
        CalCheck -?

        -P Profile name (If absent, will prompt for profile)
        -L <List File> (file including Name and LegDN) of mailbox(es) to check
        -M Mailbox DN Used with -N (if specified, only process the mailbox specified.)
        -N <DisplayName> Used with -M (if specified, only process the mailbox specified)
        -O <Output Path> (path to place output files - default is the current directory)
        -C <Version> Click To Run scenario with Office 2013 - load a specific MAPI version
        -A All calendar items output to CALCHECK.CSV
        -F Create CalCheck Folder and move flagged error items there
        -R Put a Report message in the Inbox with the CalCheck.log file
        -V Verbose output to the command window
        -? Print this message

        Additional instructions for CalCheck:

        The following Knowledge Base article contains additional instructions for using CalCheck:

        Information about the Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck)

        To remove this download:

        To remove CalCheck, delete the directory where it is installed on the hard disk.

        Privacy Note:

        The data files that CalCheck produces can contain personally identifiable information such as email addresses. Please delete these files from your system after analysis or after you send them to Microsoft for analysis.

        For more information about the privacy standards and practices for Microsoft, please visit the following Microsoft website:

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