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  • Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Evaluation

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      • IMPORTANT:
        You have 180 days to evaluate this software. The premium evaluation version can be turned into a full production version by entering in your purchased key or VL agreement, so there is no need for re-installation. Note: If you wish to go to the standard version, a reinstallation is necessary.

        Getting Started:

        You'll need a video output and monitor, USB hub, and USB keyboard and mouse for each station you will setup.

        1. Create an installable DVD
        2. After you have downloaded the .ISO file, if you are using Windows 7 or above you can do this by right clicking on the .ISO file and choosing Burn to Disk.

        3. Connect Station Hardware
          For direct video attached stations, ensure that each station has a monitor, USB hub, keyboard and mouse connected to the host Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) computer.
          If you are using USB Video Devices for stations, connect these after the WMS installation completes and you have installed the appropriate third party USB video drivers.

        4. Install
          Start the computer on which you are installing MultiPoint Server using the DVD, and then install WMS 2012 as you would install Windows Server 2012, selecting the appropriate partition on which to install and answering typical installation questions. When you are prompted for a product key, type the following:

        5. Upon reboot you will receive an error message indicating that WMS has detected that only the generic graphics driver has been installed.
          Follow the instructions in the message to install the specific driver for the graphics hardware of your system.
          If you are using USB Video adaptors, install the appropriate third party drivers.
          Be sure to install any required third party USB Video device drivers prior to plugging in the USB Video device. Refer to the instructions provided with the device for more details.
          Ensure that the desktop is extended to all attached screens. Reboot.

        6. Explore
          Logon to a station as Administrator and run MultiPoint Manager to create user accounts for your station users. At the start screen type “MultiPoint” and select MultiPoint Manager.

        7. Change languages
          MultiPoint Server 2012 is a multi-language aware product. To try MultiPoint Server in other languages do the following:
          • On the computer running MultiPoint Server, from the Control Panel, click Add a language, and then click add a language.
          • Click the language you want to add.
          • On the Change your language preferences dialog, click Options, and then select Download and install language pack.
          • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the language pack.
          • When the installation has completed, on the Change your language preferences dialog, click Options for the language you just installed, and then click Make this the primary language.
          • Optionally, you can make the new language the language for all new users. From the start screen type Region, click on Settings., enter. In Region click on the Administrative tab and make the the new language the preferred language for all users.
          • Log off, and then log on again.

        Additional Information


        No Microsoft support is available for evaluating Windows Multipoint Server. Community support is available via the Technet Windows MultiPoint Server forum

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