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        • To Install:
          1. Download the 32bit or 64bit version of the Kerberos Configuration Manager installer that matches your computer’s OS architecture.
          2. Click Open to start the installation immediately or click Save to save the installation .msi file to disk and install it later.
          3. Accept the license term of this tool.
          4. Click Next to complete the installation.
          5. By default, this application is installed under %SystemDrive%:\Program Files\Microsoft\Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server.

          To Launch the Tool:
          1. After the installation is complete successfully, double click the KerberosConfigMgr.exe to launch the application.
          2. To troubleshoot connectivity issue with SQL Server, connect to the target computer with a domain user account that has user permission to that computer.
          3. To troubleshoot connectivity issue with SQL Reporting Services, connect to the target computer with a domain user account that has administrative permission to that computer.

          To Generate SPN List from Command Line:
          1. Go to command line. (NOTE: To troubleshoot connectivity issue with SQL Reporting Services, launch command line window as administrator)
          2. Switch to the folder where KerberosConfigMgr.exe is.
          3. Type KerberosConfigMgr.exe -q -l
          4. For more command line option, type KerberosConfigMgr.exe -h

          To Save a Server’s Kerberos Configuration Information:
          1. Connect to the target windows server.
          2. Click on Save button on the toolbar.
          3. Specify the location where you want the file to be saved at. It can be on a local drive or network share.
          4. The file will be saved as .XML format.

          To View a Server’s Kerberos Configuration Information from Saved File:
          1. Click on the Load button on the toolbar.
          2. Open the XML file generated by Kerberos Configuration Manager.

          To Generate a Script to Fix SPN from Command Line:
          1. Click on the Generate button for the SPN entry.
          2. The generated script can be used by a user who has privilege to fix the SPN on the server.

          To See the Log Files for this Tool:
          1. 1. By default, one log file is generated, each time the application is run, in the user’s application data folder: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\KerberosConfigMgr

          To Get Help:
          Option 1: Hover the mouse cursor over the command for tooltip.
          Option 2: Run KerberosConfigMgr.exe –h from command line.
          Option 3: Click the Help button in the toolbar.

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