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    • Microsoft Hopper Test Tool for Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5

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        • How to Run Hopper Hopper is a single executable file that is found in the PROGRAM FILES\Hopper for Windows Mobile directory. Copy the executable to the root folder of your device. Also, copy your customized FocusApp binary to the device. Then, follow the following steps:
          1. Launch the file explorer on the device
          2. Navigate to the root folder
          3. Launch FocusApp
          4. Dismiss your application, or press the BACK key to return to the file explorer
          5. Launch Hopper
          Hopper will begin to click, and soon, your application will come into focus. There will be a log file, Hopper.log, written under the \testlog directory; this log file represents a periodic system snapshot, and may be useful for debugging.

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