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  • April 2006 Security Release ISO Image

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    Windows-KB913086-200604-1.iso (recommended) Click here 367.9 MB
    Windows-KB913086-200604-2.iso (recommended) Click here 399.1 MB
    Windows-KB913086-200604-3.iso (recommended) Click here 326.7 MB
    Windows-KB913086-200604-4.iso (recommended) Click here 510.8 MB
    Windows-KB913086-200604-5.iso (recommended) Click here 246.9 MB

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    Download Information
    • Windows-KB913086-200604-1.iso contains KB908531, KB911562, KB911565, KB911567 for Windows XP

    • Windows-KB913086-200604-2.iso contains KB908531, KB908981, KB911562, KB911567 for Windows Server 2003
    • Windows-KB913086-200604-3.iso contains KB908531, KB911562, KB911567 for Windows 2000

    • Windows-KB913086-200604-4.iso contains KB912812 for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

    • Windows-KB913086-200604-5.iso contains KB912812 for Windows XP

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