Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 and HPC Pack 2008 R2 Tool Pack

    HPC Pack Tool Packs contain utilities that can be used with HPC Pack 2008 and 2008 R2-based clusters
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        Five separate tools are available:
        Lizard Updated: 8/19/2010 - Lizard helps you to determine the computational performance and efficiency that can be achieved by your HPC Pack 2008-based / Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster. It calculates and reports a peak performance value for your HPC cluster in billions of floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS), and a percentage value for the efficiency that was achieved at peak performance. After running Lizard, you can review the performance and efficiency results that were obtained, and optionally save these results and the parameters that were used to achieve them to a file on your computer.
        Note: This utility includes parts of the Intel Math Kernel Library. For more information about the Intel Math Kernel Library, please visit

        ClusterCopy Updated: 8/19/2010 - ClusterCopy helps you easily distribute files around your cluster. Simply put your data files on a single file share, use the ClusterCopy tool, and a series of jobs will be created to rapidly copy the files throughout the cluster, using a tree-based copy system.

        Node XML Editor Updated: 9/17/2010 - The Node XML Editor Excel file helps to efficiently add nodes to your 2008 or 2008 R2-based HPC cluster (from bare metal or as preconfigured nodes). Simply open the Node XML Editor in Excel and you'll see a simply screen for typing the data you need to add nodes in your HPC cluster. Add a row for each node and save your new Node XML file. Then, in the HPC Cluster Manager, you can import the node XML file using the Add Node Wizard.

        Network Troubleshooting Report Updated: 3/3/2011 - The Network Troubleshooting Report contains a set of diagnostic tests that collect and analyze network information in your HPC Pack 2008 R2-based cluster to help troubleshoot network issues. If you have an InfiniBand network the report also includes the status and capabilities of the Host Channel Adapter (HCA) cards in that network.
        Note: The InfiniBand information features require the 'vstat.exe' tool. This tool is must be installed separately on each node. Please see the additional information at

        Installation Preparation Wizard Updated: 6/29/2011 - The Installation Preparation Wizard is a stand-alone tool that identifies environment and operating system configuration settings that can cause HPC Pack 2008 R2 installation, configuration, and node deployment issues. This wizard can be run from any computer, before HPC Pack 2008 R2 is installed. It generates an HTML report with warnings, checklists, best practices, and links to online documentation. Use this tool to better prepare for the deployment of your HPC cluster.

        Ganglia Integration Components Updated: 7/19/2011 - The Ganglia Integration Components provide a way to export HPC Pack 2008 R2-based cluster performance metrics for use in your Ganglia-based system monitoring process. This installer must be run on an HPC Pack 2008 R2-based head node. Please refer to the Ganglia Integration document included in the archive for additional information.

    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 7, Windows HPC Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

        An HPC Pack 2008 or HPC Pack 2008 R2-based cluster
      • Lizard
        Download the installer and run it on your cluster's head node.
        Notes: This tool can only be run from your cluster's head node.
        If running a High Availability / failover head node, this tool must be run on the 'active' node.
        This tool only supports running on English installations.

        Download the appropriate installer and run it on your workstation.

        Node XML Editor
        Download the archive to your workstation, and expand it to access the Excel document.

        Network Troubleshooting Report
        Download the installer and run it on your cluster's head node.
        Notes: This tool can only be run from your cluster's head node. For detailed installation instructions and additional information, see

        Installation Preparation Wizard
        Download the archive, extract the contents to a folder, and then run the HPCPreInstall.exe application
        Ganglia Integration Components
        Download the archive, extract the contents to a folder, and then run the ganglia_x64.msi installation wizard

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