Update for Windows Embedded for Point of Service (KB916626)

Resolves issues related to DirectX based applications using DirectSound on Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS).
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    KB Articles: KB916626

      This hotfix (KB916626) was developed to address problems with sound playback using Windows Media Player 9.0 on WEPOS. Installing Windows Media Player 9.0 during WEPOS Setup results in an incomplete installation of DirectX, specifically the DirectSound components. Applying KB916626 remedies this error by installing and registering the necessary DLL files. Once KB916626 is installed, DirectSound will function normally.

      KB916626 is dependent upon the Windows Media Player 9.0 component of WEPOS, if this component is not installed, then KB916626 will not install either. Downloading Windows Media Player 10 and/or DirectX 9 with Windows Media Player 9.0 being installed during WEPOS Setup will not solve this problem as the components necessary for them to work will not have been installed. However, if Windows Media Player 9.0 is installed during WEPOS Setup and KB916626 is applied, the user may download and install both Windows Media Player 10 and/or DirectX 9 without loss of functionality.

      The original KB916626 download, named WEPOS-KB916626.exe has been replaced, the new download is named WindowsXP-KB916626-x86-enu.exe. Windows file versioning information has been added to the update, otherwise there is no functional difference.
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    Windows Embedded for Point of Service , Windows XP

      NOTE: This release is for Windows Embedded for Point of Service 1.0 and 1.1.
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