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    Shared Source Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 Release

    The Shared Source Device Emulator is a compressed archive of the source code to the Device Emulator V1.0, buildable using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
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        What is the Device Emulator?

        The Device Emulator is a software simulation of a CPU and motherboard, that runs the Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. The emulator is a single Windows .EXE file that contains:
        • A CPU emulator that executes the ARM instruction set by JIT-compiling to x86
        • An MMU emulator to support virtual memory and page protection
        • A motherboard emulator that contains emulated RAM and NOR flash memory
        • A collection of peripheral devices attached to the motherboard: serial ports, LCD controller, touchscreen, keyboard, interrupt controller, programmable timers, real-time-clock, network cards, audio, etc.
        • A “DMA” interface which allows a Win32 application running outside the emulator to communicate with a WinCE application running inside the emulator, using a simple socket-like programming model.
        The V1 emulator ships as part of Visual Studio 2005, and on as a free standalone download here.

        What is the Shared-Source Device Emulator?

        It is the source code to the V1 DeviceEmulator.exe. You can compile the emulator yourself, using Visual Studio 2005, and either run it as a standalone Windows application, or use its COM self-registration code to make it the default DeviceEmulator on your PC (meaning launch it and use it from Visual Studio 2005 and the Device Emulator Manager).

        The source code is released under a shared-source initiative. Please see the accompanying license.

        The Shared Source release does not include sources to the Device Emulator Manager application or to the ActiveSync-over-DMA code, both of which are present in binary form in the V1 release.

        This source release can be used as an research and experimentation platform: the CPU emulator can be modified or replaced, as can the motherboard, peripheral devices, and emulator UI.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2

        Windows Server 2003 (with SP1)
        Windows XP (with SP2)
        Windows 2000
      • In order to compile the source code, just unzip the file and extract its contents to your hard drive. Detailed instructions on how to compile the Shared Source Device Emulator, can be found in the docs\HowToBuild.html file.