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    Windows HPC Server 2008 - Using MS-MPI

    Windows HPC Server 2008 includes MS MPI, which is based on and is highly compatible with MPICH2.
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        MPI and MPI2 are widely accepted specifications for managing messaging in high performance clusters. Among the most widely accepted implementations of MPI is the Argonne National Laboratory MPICH2 reference implementation, which is open source.

        At the API level, MS MPI is identical to the more than 160 APIs implemented by MPICH2. At the same time, MS MPI adds enhanced security and process management capabilities for enterprise environments and a new execution tracing feature for Windows HPC Server 2008.

        MS MPI uses an efficient shared-memory communication between cores on a compute node and NetworkDirect drivers to provide high performance MPI network support for Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand adapters, and supports adapters that have a NetworkDirect or Winsock Direct provider.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Vista, Windows XP

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