Microsoft® Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Tools & Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK), diagnostics, and other feature-related tools for Forefront TMG 2010.
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      ADAM Sites Tool for Forefront TMG Enterprise Edition
      Use the ADAM Sites Tool (AdamSites.exe) to configure Configuration Storage servers, which use Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM).

      Auto Discovery Configuration Tool for Forefront TMG
      Use the Auto-Discovery Configuration Tool (AdConfigPack.exe) to configure Active Directory with a marker key that points to your Forefront TMG server. This key is used by the Firewall Client to locate the Forefront TMG server and connect to it.

      Cache Directory Tool for Forefront TMG
      Use the Cache Directory Tool (CacheDir.exe) to view real-time cache contents, save information about the current cache contents to a file, and mark obsolete items that should not be served from the cache.

      CertTool for TMG
      CertTool.exe helps you deploy the certificates required to authenticate communications between TMG Server array members and the Configuration Storage server in a number of TMG deployment scenarios.

      DNS Cache Tool for Forefront TMG
      Use the DNS Cache Tool (Dnstools.exe) on a Forefront TMG server to display the contents of the Domain Name System (DNS) cache and to delete entries in the DNS cache.

      EE Single Server Conversion tool for Forefront TMG
      Use this tool (EESingleServerConversion.exe) to help you migrate a standalone server running either ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition or ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition to Forefront TMG in standalone mode. This tool converts the exported configuration of such a server to be Standard Edition-compatible.

      MSDEToText Tool for Forefront TMG
      Use this tool (MSDEToText.exe) to convert Forefront TMG SQL Server logs into a text file, or to display their contents on the screen.

      Remote Access Quarantine Tool for Forefront TMG
      Use this tool (RQSUtils.exe) to prepare Forefront TMG as an RQS listener component.

      RSA Test Authentication Utility for Forefront TMG
      Use the RSA Test Authentication Utility (SdTestPack.exe) to verify that a computer running Forefront TMG can authenticate to a computer running RSA Authentication Manager.

      Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) Update for Forefront TMG Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
      Use the Forefront TMG Security Configuration Wizard Update to add the Microsoft® Forefront TMG Standard Edition and ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition server roles to the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW).

      Forefront TMG 2010 SDK
      The Forefront TMG software development kit includes headers, libraries, tools, samples and documentation to enable developers and system administrators to deploy, configure, customize, and extend their Forefront TMG environment. Note that documentation of some COM elements is incomplete.
  • System Requirements

    Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2008

      This download requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition to install.
  • Install Instructions

      Download each file by clicking the Download link and saving the file to your hard disk. Each download is self-extracting. After downloading to your computer, double-click on the executable file to extract the files to the target directory. There are three files for each tool: an executable (*.EXE or *.MSI), documentation, and an End User License Agreement. To install a tool, double-click the executable and follow the instructions on the screen.

      In addition to this installation, you also need Forefront TMG Management installed on the computer to use the administration COM objects in the Forefront TMG SDK.

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