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    Microsoft CRM v1.0 Update: KB 832908

    The Microsoft CRM application becomes inaccessable when a role is deleted.
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      394 KB

    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

        Microsoft CRM Server v1.0
      • Install this update on the Microsoft CRM server. Make sure that the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Deployment Manager is closed before you install this update. This hotfix supports the following Setup switches:

        /? : Display the list of installation switches.
        /u : Use Unattended mode.
        /f : Force other programs to quit when the computer shuts down.
        /z : Do not restart when the installation is complete.
        /q : Use Quiet mode (no user interaction).
        /x : Extract the files without running Setup.

        For example, to install the hotfix without any user intervention, use the following command line:
        CRM1.0-TK29646-Server-Windows2000.exe /u /q
        To verify that the hotfix is installed on your computer, confirm that the following registry key exists:
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Microsoft CRM\1.0\Server\SP0\TK29646
        Removal Information
        You cannot remove this update.
        Restart Requirement
        In order to properly apply this update, the installation program will attempt to stop and restart certain system services. The services that need to be stopped will be listed during installation. If the attempt times out or fails you will be asked to restart your computer in order to complete the update. If asked, restart the computer to ensure that the update is applied properly.

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