Project REAL Reference Implementation

This kit contains the sample code and data for the Project REAL Reference Implementation.
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      The Project REAL reference implementation provides you with a working sample to build, implement and test the solution in your organization. The sample schemas, code, and architecture can be used to jumpstart the development of your own Business Intelligence solution. It contains a subset of the Project REAL data so you can see how various parts of the system work with actual data.

      The kit contains:

      1. A set of instructions for setting up the environment
      2. Guidance on how to explore the implementation
      3. A sample relational data warehouse database (a subset of the Project REAL data warehouse)
      4. A sample source database (from which we pull incremental updates)
      5. SSIS packages that implement the ETL operations
      6. An SSAS cube definition and scripts for processing the cube from the sample warehouse
      7. Sample SSRS reports
      8. Sample data mining models for predicting out-of-stock conditions in stores
      9. Sample client views in briefing books for the Proclarity and Panorama BI front-end tools

      This kit will guide you through the key points to observe in the Project REAL implementation. Use it to learn and to get ideas for your own implementation. (While we believe it represents a very good design and generally follows best practices, it should not be regarded as the solution for every BI situation.) It will be helpful to see the overview presentations about the BI tools in SQL Server, or read documentation, before exploring the kit. One good source of information is to go through the tutorials that ship with SQL Server (the tutorials are installed when you select “Workstation components, Books Online and development tools” at installation time).
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2

      A minimum of 2 GB available hard disk space is needed for the sample databases and packages/code.

      SQL Server 2005 is required to evaluate the Reference Implementation. Depending on what features of Project REAL you are reviewing, additional components of SQL Server 2005 may be required. For example, working with the reports requires that Reporting Services be installed on the machine. See the Reference Implmeentation Guide for more information.
    • Download the kit and unzip the files into a folder you specify. There will be two installer files (.MSI files) – one for the sample code and tools, and one for the data. Each installs in just a few minutes. Then open the “Reference Implementation Guide” document and start exploring. Further instructions are contained in the Readme.txt file.
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