Britax Dynamics

    A costly outage of the company’s highly customised IT systems jeopardised the company’s operations. Britax needed a new platform and wanted information systems that could capture business data across all parts of the business and help it expand.
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        The Australian subsidiary of the UK-based Britax Group, Britax Childcare manufactures a range of car safety seats and nursery equipment, including strollers, cots and highchairs. After a major systems outage, the company needed to stabilise and upgrade its legacy IT systems. At the same time, it wanted to streamline its planning, manufacturing and distribution processes and develop a shared financial services model across all of its operations. Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Tectura, Britax Childcare installed Microsoft Dynamics® AX in a phased roll-out. The company not only offset the cost of managing its previous IT platform, saving up to $200,000 a year, it also implemented shared financial services and master planning across its companies. As a result, the company reduced manual processing and duplication, streamlined its warehousing, enhanced quality management and improved its customer and market insights.
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