Advanced Rendering Techniques with DirectX 11

Presentation from Gamefest 2010
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      The advanced features of DirectX 11, such as DirectCompute 11, enable developers to implement unprecedented real-time effects in games. This presentation covers two such effects: order independent transparency, and high-quality depth of field. The techniques leverage features available only as part of Direct3D 11 and DirectCompute 11. In particular, OIT takes advantage of the AppendBuffers, as well as atomic memory operations. Using these advanced features, our algorithm creates lock-free data structures in memory to store the transparent fragments as they are rendered. Once all the transparent fragments have been enumerated, a second pass is used to put the fragments in the correct order and to resolve the final fragment color. Depth-of-Field also takes advantage of atomic memory operations, and additionally uses locally shared memory for optimized performance. The Depth of Field algorithm uses a novel image processing technique to implement a high-quality effect not seen in current games. Both techniques were recently demonstrated running in real-time on AMD ’s next generation hardware, which was native support for DirectX 11, including DirectCompute 11.
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