Mixed Workload Consolidation Guide

    Provides detailed information you can use to identify appropriate applications for mixed workload consolidation, validate compatibility of applications, and plan for a mixed workload consolidation deployment.
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        This Mixed Workload Consolidation Guide provides detailed information you can use to assess and test application compatibility, and to plan and design consolidated mixed workload solutions. This guide discusses mixed workload consolidation processes primarily as they pertain to Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Data Center Edition, which are the preferred operating systems for mixed workload consolidation.

        For the purposes of this guide, mixed workload consolidation refers to running multiple, heterogeneous applications simultaneously on a single instance of the operating system. This can provide numerous benefits, including increased server utilization and simplified management of your information technology (IT) infrastructure.

        In the past, servers were deployed with single workloads — generally, a single application running on each server. However, recent innovations in Microsoft Windows®–compatible server hardware, the introduction of Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 operating systems, and innovations in application software for Windows-based systems support the deployment of servers with mixed workloads. This means that you can run multiple heterogeneous applications on a single server.

        The major benefits that can be realized with mixed workload consolidation include the following:

        • Reduced server operating costs
        • Improved service levels
        • Reduced space requirements for equipment
        • Improved security
        • Better utilization of computing resources
        • Increased standardization
        • Improved reliability and availability
        • Better control of your information technology (IT) resources

        Before undertaking mixed workload consolidation, you must determine which applications to consolidate and how to consolidate them. This requires a logical and systematic approach. You must ensure the compatibility of all applications with each other and determine the most appropriate way to deploy consolidated applications.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2003

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