Microsoft Availability Reporting Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005.

This management pack monitors availability and reliability for SQL, Exchange, IIS, AD and Windows and allows to determine whether the availability and reliability objectives are met.
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    Microsoft Availability Reporting MOM 2005 MP.msi

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      The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Availability Reporting Management Pack collects and analyzes data from the event logs of your servers, and generates reports that you can study to improve server availability and reliability. You can identify the causes for planned and unplanned downtime and take preemptive actions to decrease downtime in the future.

      Availability Reporting uses a number of metrics to provides data that you can view and customize to suit the needs of your IT organization. Each type of report includes tables or graphs with information about the availability and reliability of servers in your environment. You can input parameters, such as specific periods of time, to filter the data presented in the reports.

      Availability Reports provide detailed and specific availability and reliability information for several Microsoft applications. For applications not currently supported, Availability Reporting provides basic availability and reliability statistics at the operating system level. In such cases, Availability Reporting measures whether the operating system is running but does not measure whether applications are running.

      Release and Update History:

      9/28/2005 Original product release (version 05.0.3000.0000).

      11/17/2005 Updated to prevent Computer Group overwrite. Computer Group association became a manual process. Updated release (version 05.0.4000.0000).

      8/31/2006 Update to MP Guide (Computer Group associate steps incorrectly documented, reporting model support matrix), updated support for Windows 2000 OS model, performance improvements, fixes for KB913278,KB914989,KB918919, and KB918711. Updated release (version 05.0.5000.0000).

      9/21/2006 Update to correct issue with ReliabilityAnalysisReporting task returning task status 0x80040e37. Performance improvement for generation of new reports. Updated release (version 05.0.5000.0001).
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1

      MOM Software: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
    • To download the exe:
      1. Click on the link to the right, and download the management pack module.

      2. On the Microsoft Operations Manager server (DCAM), click on the executable to extract the files into a temporary directory.

      Importing a Management Pack Module
      You can import this management pack module using the Microsoft Operations Manager administrative console and following these steps:
      1. Open the Microsoft Operations Manager administrative MMC console.
      2. Expand the Console Root\Microsoft Operations Manager node.
      3. Click the Management Packs node.
      4. Right-click on the Management Packs node and then select the Import/Export Management Pack option.
      5. Follow the instructions until you have finished importing the management pack module.