System Center Configuration Manager v.Next Beta 1

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    System Center Configuration Manager enables IT with a flexible and cost-effective way to provision, manage, and control diverse user-centric experiences.
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        System Center Configuration Manager enables a powerful user-centric approach to client management. This approach addresses the growing reality – that people want to move fluidly between multiple devices and networks – by making it easier for IT to support users with configurations tied to their identity instead of to individual systems or devices. As a result, IT can help people work the way they want, practically wherever they want—with a familiar experience across different devices and contexts.

        Configuration Manager provides IT a lean, unified infrastructure to deliver these new capabilities and workloads for client management, virtualization, and security. The solution puts IT in control of costs and compliance, providing an evolutionary path to new capabilities that leverage existing people, processes, and technologies.

        Configuration Manager reduces the cost and complexity of IT compliance by delivering increased visibility and discovery, and enhanced, IT-definable remediation capabilities. It’s all designed to help IT simplify delivery of a user-centric approach to client management. And because it is built by Microsoft engineers who have exceptional knowledge of Windows, Configuration Manager delivers tight interoperability with Windows, for more effective and efficient management.

        International Client Pack 1 (ICP1) contains international-language clients to use with System Center Configuration Manager (SC Config Mgr) vNext Beta. The ICP1 download contains only the Config Mgr client files, not the English-language SC Config Mgr vNext Beta, which is required.

        ICP1 contains the following languages:
        • English
        • German

        Please note this is a Beta release. If you would like to provide feedback and participate in newsgroup forums please join the Open Beta on Microsoft Connect. (In order to participate and gain access customers will need to sign in with a Windows Live ID and Register with Connect).
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2008

        Minimum System Requirements:
        • Site servers and site roles require 64-bit OS (distribution points are an exception)
          • Branch DPs can run on any v.Next-supported client OS
          • Standard DPs can run on Windows Server 32-bit but will not support advanced functionality
        • Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)
          • Distribution points can run on Windows Server 2003
        • SQL Server 2008 SP1 with CU6 (64-bit)
        • SQL Reporting Services is ONLY reporting solution

        Supported Configurations (link to:

        ICP1 Requires:
        • System Center Configuration Manager vNext Beta - English version
      • Click the Download button next to the file most appropriate for your needs.
        • For System Center Configuration Manager vNext Beta use the file - ConfigMgr_vNext_Beta_ENU_7469.exe
        • For ICP1 use the file - ConfigMgr_vNext_Beta_ICP_7469.exe
        1. Do one of the following:
          • To start the installation immediately, click Run.
          • To save the download to your computer to install at a later time, click Save.
          • To cancel the installation, click Cancel.
        2. The media will be downloaded into a folder and then you can run splash.hta in the root of the folder to begin Setup.