Simplified Chinese ClearType fonts for Windows XP

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Microsoft YaHei Regular and Bold Version 5.00 for Windows XP to improve rendering of Simplified Chinese text in Windows Presentation Foundation.
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      Simplified Chinese Fonts shipped with Windows XP use embedded bitmaps to provide legibility at small sizes on the screen. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) does not display these bitmaps but instead renders the outlines. These outlines are not instructed (hinted) for good legibility and the results are poor. Microsoft YaHei Regular and Bold Version 5.00 have been properly instructed for legibility at 9 point size and above in ClearType environments such as WPF.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows XP

      Windows XP
    • Double click the installer package and follow the instructions on screen.
    • ClearType works best on LCD monitors. For optimal results set your display to the native resolution of your monitor and run the ClearType tuner after installation. This will optimize your on-screen legibility. For more information on your monitor’s native resolution see the ClearType faq at For more information about the ClearType tuner see