Microsoft Threat Analysis & Modeling v2.1.2

    Threat modeling to empower application risk management.
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        Microsoft Threat Analysis & Modeling tool allows non-security subject matter experts to enter already known information including business requirements and application architecture which is then used to produce a feature-rich threat model. Along with automatically identifying threats, the tool can produce valuable security artifacts such as:

        - Data access control matrix
        - Component access control matrix
        - Subject-object matrix
        - Data Flow
        - Call Flow
        - Trust Flow
        - Attack Surface
        - Focused reports
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Vista, Windows XP

        Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
      • 1. Download the file by clicking on the "Download" button.
        2. Select "Save” and specify a directory on your local disk.
        3. Install the tool by running the self-extracting executable file.
      • Build Version 2.1.2643.25789