Lighting Volumes

    Presentation from Gamefest 2010
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        Lighting systems have always struggled to balance dynamic objects with high visual fidelity. Lightmaps have historically been the de facto solution, in order to decouple the cost of lighting from the cost of run-time performance. However, this breaks down in dynamic environments, and has generally resulted in a number of inconsistent lighting solutions being employed across dynamic and static objects. This talk presents a new approach for using volume textures in order to store and render lightfields entirely on the GPU. This approach is unified for dynamic and static objects of arbitrary size and complexity, and includes generation of the volumes using both direct and global illumination. The talk also discusses various techniques for rendering the volumes—covering a range of quality versus performance, yet still preserving key surface details such as normal maps and specular lighting. Finally, advanced usage of the lighting fields is discussed, such as simulating atmospheric effects using these volumes, and being able to leverage them for gameplay.
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