SQL Server SSIS Sample Component: UnDoubleOut

UnDoubleOut is an SSIS dataflow component that removes qualifiers from quoted text, either in place, or via the creation of a new output column.
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      UnDoubleOut is an SSIS dataflow component that:

      - Removes quotes that bracket input strings if present.
      - Replaces doubled quotes with single quotes inside the string.

      The SSIS flat file adapter doesn't process qualified strings where double quotes are used to indicate a single embedded quote.

      This transform takes a text column, and, removes bracketing quotes if present, plus replaces double quotes inside the text with sinqle quotes.

      SSIS users that want to duplicate DTS 2000 flat file processing can call their output column unqualified, then place this transform to clear up the quotes.

      You can configure the component with any quote character. Modify the "Qualifier" property on the "Component Properties" tab of the advanced editor.

      You can perform the conversion in-place, by selecting a string column on the "Input Columns Tab" of the advanced editor, then changing the Usage Type to READWRITE.

      To put the result in a new output column, select the input string column in the "Input Columns Tab" of the advanced editor. Leave the Usage Type set to READONLY. Visit the input column on the "Input and Output Properties" tab of the advanced editor, and record the column's ID. Visit the output, and request a new output column. Set the InputColumnID property on the output column to match the recorded input column ID. This component generates a null result for any malformed inputs.

      Included in this install is 4columns.txt, a file that contains a variety of quote/character combinations. Use a flat file source to feed this data to the UnDoubleOut component.

      Interesting Features

      This component is part of a series of components that illustrate increasingly complex behavior, each one exercising a greater proportion of the SSIS object model. If studying in order, this component follows UnpackDecimal and precedes NullDetector.

      This component was built to provide an introduction to a component that offers both inplace and output column transformations.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

      SQL Server 2005; Visual Studio 2005
    • Install and build as directed in readme.txt
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