Systems Management Server 2.0: Updated Resource Kit Tools

    Download and install the tools of the Systems Management Server Resource Kit, designed for planning, installing, and optimizing Systems Management Server 2.0.
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        Updated May 2003

        Plan, install, maintain, and optimize Microsoft Systems Management Server using the Systems Management Server Resource Kit.

        Contained in this download are the following updated tools:
        • SMS Status Monitor (Statmon.exe): Use SMS Status Monitor to report site status and monitor the status summarizer thresholds on an SMS 2.0 site server. Status is displayed using a status indicator on the system tray of the taskbar, so you can see at a glance how the site is functioning.
        • Make CAP Tool (MakeCap.exe): Use Make CAP to assign a client access point (CAP) role to a server.
        • Make Distribution Point Tool (MakeDist.exe): Use the Make Distribution Point tool to assign a distribution point role to a server.
        • Make Collection Tool (MakeColl.exe): Use the Make Collection Tool to create a new collection from a text-file list of computer names or IP addresses that you provide.
        • Make Distribution Point Group Tool (MakeDpg.exe): Use the Make Distribution Point Group Tool to create a distribution point group from a text file that contains the list of desired servers.
        • Load Network Discovery Tool (NDiscLdr.exe): Use the Load Network Discovery Tool to load resources from a text file for Network Discovery. You can specify subnets, domains, SNMP devices, and DHCP servers.
        • Load Site Boundary Tool (SiteBndy.exe): Use the Load Site Boundary Tool to load site boundaries from a text file. If your site includes many subnets, using this tool to enter the site boundaries listed in a text file might be more efficient than entering each subnet by hand from within the SMS Administrator console.
        • SMS Console Load Simulation Tool (UiLoad.exe): Use the SMS Console Load Simulation Tool to simulate the load that multiple SMS Administrator consoles might generate on an SMS site. You can simulate the load of running up to 50 SMS Administrator consoles simultaneously on one computer.
        • Site Utilities Tool (PreInst.exe): The Site Utilities Tool passes commands to Hierarchy Manager while Hierarchy Manager is running. Use this tool to diagnose problems in a site, repair a site, or stop all SMS services at a site.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003

        • Drive Space: Approximately 1 MB available hard drive space for i386 sytems; approximately 1 MB for Alpha Platform systems.

        • Prerequisite: Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit with SMS components already installed.

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