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These guides provide step-by-step guidance for installing Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) 3.0, managing Group Policy objects (GPOs) by using AGPM 3.0, and planning and deploying AGPM 3.0.
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      The following documents about AGPM 3.0 are available for download.
      • Step-by-Step Guide for Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0: This guide describes a sample scenario for installing AGPM and performing Group Policy management by using the Group Policy Management Console and AGPM. This guide is designed for people are evaluating AGPM 3.0 and for Group Policy administrators who are installing AGPM 3.0 or are using AGPM 3.0 for the first time. You can also view this document online at Step-by-Step Guide for AGPM 3.0 (
      • Operations Guide for Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0: This guide provides step-by-step instructions for performing tasks by using AGPM 3.0. It includes all of the information in the Help for AGPM. The English version of this guide has been updated to include a list of best practices for version control and instructions for backing up the archive, restoring the archive from a backup, and moving the AGPM Server and archive to a new server. This guide is designed for Group Policy administrators of all levels who are using AGPM 3.0. You can also view this document online at Operations Guide for AGPM 3.0 (
      • Planning Guide for Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0: This guide provides an in-depth description of the processes, procedures, and decisions for planning the deployment of AGPM in a production environment. This guide is designed for administrators. Available in English only.
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