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    Release Documents for Windows 7

    Known issues that you should be aware of before installing Windows 7
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        These documents provide important information you should know prior to deploying and using the Windows 7 operating system, including known issues that you may need to avoid or work around.

        The documents are continuously updated, so you should check this location for updated versions periodically.
        You will find two documents for Windows 7:

      • Release Notes: Important Issues in Windows 7

      • Things to Know About Windows 7

      • Release Notes focuses on the most critical issues, such as those that are likely to affect a majority of users and may cause data loss, installation failure, and security issues.
        Things to Know is a collection of less-serious issues that are likely to affect a smaller number of users and have milder consequences if they are not avoided. At this time, all issues are reported in Release Notes; this document is essentially a placeholder.

        You should check both documents for the most complete collection of issues known at this time.
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      Windows 7

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