Microsoft CRM 3.0 Default Values Wizard

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    Run this wizard to correct display problems associated with Boolean and picklist values.
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        Microsoft CRM 3.0 includes improved handling of Boolean and picklist (drop-down list) fields. In Microsoft CRM 1.2, when a Boolean or picklist field value in the database was a null value, the system-wide default for the field was displayed in the user interface. In Microsoft CRM 3.0, the displayed value will reflect the value that is actually in the database.

        If you have used bulk import, data migration, workflow, or custom software to add data to Microsoft CRM 1.2 you might have null values in your database for Boolean and picklist fields. We recommend that you run this tool to make sure that these fields display as before. It is not mandatory to run this wizard. If you prefer to leave the data unchanged, no further action is necessary.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003

        • Other Requirements: Microsoft CRM 3.0

      • The file DefaultValuesTool.exe is a self extracting file. Download the file to a temporary folder. The file is run from a command-prompt window. You can use the following command:


      • Note This wizard is only intended to be used immediately after upgrade. This wizard will take several minutes to run for small databases and significantly longer for large databases. Certain extensibility functions such as callouts and workflow will not be activated when these records are updated.