Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET 1.0 SP1 Documentation

Download documentation and samples for Synchronization Services for ADO.NET 1.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1).
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      Synchronization Services lets you synchronize data from disparate sources over two-tier, N-tier, and service-based architectures. Instead of only replicating a database and its schema, the Synchronization Services application programming interface (API) provides a set of desktop and device components to synchronize data between data services and a local store.
      This version of the Synchronization Services documentation contains information about the following new features and capabilities:

      • The ability to synchronize with devices. The first version of Synchronization Services enabled synchronization between a server database and a SQL Server Compact database on the desktop. In service pack 1 (SP1), you can also synchronize between a server database and a SQL Server Compact database on a device.

      • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 change tracking. If you are using SQL Server 2008, we recommend that you use the SQL Server change tracking feature. This feature addresses many of the issues of custom tracking systems and provides a straightforward way to track changes. SQL Server change tracking is supported if you create synchronization commands manually or if you use the synchronization adapter builder.

      • Support for the new data types that were introduced in SQL Server 2008. New types can be mapped to types that are compatible with SQL Server Compact.

      • Tracing of the synchronization process. In distributed applications, tracing can be crucial because it enables you to troubleshoot issues that might otherwise be difficult to identify. Synchronization Services includes tracing for the client and server synchronization providers.

  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 3

    • To download Synchronization Services Books Online:
      1. Install the .NET Framework 2.0 if you do not have it installed on your computer. Download one of the versions listed above in the System Requirements section of this page.
      2. Click SyncServicesBOL-ENU.msi from the Files In This Download section.
      3. To begin installation immediately, click Open. To save the .msi file for installation at a later time, click Save.
      4. During installation, follow the steps in the installer:
        • If you do not already have Synchronization Services Books Online installed, the SP1 version of the documentation will be installed.
        • If you already have Synchronization Services Books Online installed, you must run the installer twice. During the first run, select to remove the installed documentation. During the second run, the SP1 version of the documentation will be installed.
      After you install Synchronization Services Books Online, it is available on the Start menu as a stand-alone Help collection, and it is also available through the Visual Studio 2008 documentation and F1 Help in Visual Studio 2008.

      To download Synchronization Services samples:
      1. Click SyncServicesSamplesSP1.exe from the Files In This Download section, and download the file to a temporary directory.
      2. Run SyncServicesSamplesSP1.exe.
      3. Enter an installation directory when you are prompted. We recommend that you unpack the files to the default directory.
      4. After the package unpacks, open one of the sample directories under the installation directory.
      5. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file that is provided with each sample.
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