The 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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Service Pack 2 provides the latest updates to all of the 2007 Microsoft Office System servers.
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      The 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides customers with the latest updates to all of the 2007 Office System servers (the products that are affected by this update are listed below). This download includes two types of fixes:
      • Previously unreleased fixes that were made specifically for this service pack.
        • In addition to general product fixes, this includes improvements in stability, performance, and security.
        • You can find out more information in Knowledge Base Article 953334, where product-specific changes are described.
      • All of the Public Updates, Security Updates, Cumulative Updates, and Hotfixes released through February 2009.

      Before installing this service pack, you are strongly encouraged to read 953334, which describes some big improvements introduced by SP2, and also calls out some important information that you should be aware of before installing.

      Caution: Important information for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search customers. Microsoft does not support installing Service Pack 2 (SP2) for SharePoint Products and Technologies on servers that are running Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search. In 2008, Microsoft Search Server 2008 replaced Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search. At that time, Microsoft discontinued support for Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search. Installing SP2 for SharePoint Products and Technologies might cause Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search to be incorrectly registered as a trial version. Instead, we recommend that you do one of the following:

      Important information regarding this service pack: After installing Service Pack 2, your product expiration date may have been improperly activated. You can address this issue by doing one of the following after installing SP2:
      • Re-input the license key as described in 971620.
      • Apply the fix available through 971620.
      • Apply any Office SharePoint Server 2007 Cumulative Update Server Hotfix Package (MOSS server-package) released after June, 2009. These updates include the fix for 971620. You can find information on the latest released Office Cumulative Updates on the Update Center.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2008

      Service Pack 2 will update the following:
      • Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007
      • Microsoft® Office Project Server 2007
      • Microsoft® Office Forms Server 2007
      • Microsoft® Search Server 2008
      • Microsoft® Search Server 2008 Express
      • Microsoft® Office Groove® Server 2007, 64-Bit Edition
    • The installation of this update involves a series of steps which must be completed in the correct sequence for the installation to be successful. It is strongly recommended that you read the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 945013 on how to deploy server updates before attempting to upgrade to SP2. To get started, download the SP2 update by clicking the Download button on this page. Be sure to download the x86 file for 32-bit architectures and the x64 file for 64-bit architectures.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to install this update and get a message saying that the update failed, please refer to Knowledge Base Article 968173. It describes a set of requirements and other issues that may cause the installation to fail, and gives instructions on how to fix them.

      Install SP2 for Other Office Products
      If you have other Office products installed, please be sure to update them as well. A full list of SP2 releases for Office products is available in the Knowledge Base Article 968170.

      To Remove this Download
      There is no uninstall feature for this download. For more information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 873125.

      Administrator Resources
      Administrators working in managed environments can find complete resources for deploying Office updates in an organization on the 2007 Office Resource Kit site.

      Additional Information
      For more details about what is included in the service pack, you are encouraged to read Knowledge Base Article 953334.