Windows Media Player 9 Series and 10 Series Add-in for Microsoft FrontPage

    This add-in enables new capabilities for FrontPage users. You can easily add audio/video features to your Web from within the add-in wizard.
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        This add-in enables new capabilities for FrontPage users including the ability to: Easily embed the Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series control into FrontPage web pages and SharePoint sites; Control the look and feel of the media playback experience; Easily convert your media files for efficient network delivery. Publish to a Web or streaming server automatically. All this from within the add-in's wizard without having to write any script!
    • System Requirements
      Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

        Compatible with all versions of FrontPage
      • Click on the download Now link and select Open.
        The installation wizard will walk you through setup of the add-in component. The add-in will be installed into your \Program Files\Microsoft Office\ folder. To uninstall the add-in, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Select "Windows Media Player Add-in for Microsoft FrontPage" and select Remove. Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series is required in order to use the add-in and to view web pages created with the add-in. The Windows Media Player 9 Series is installed as part of XPSP2. Windows Media 10 Series can be downloaded from The add-in feature that allows conversion of media files to Windows Media format requires the Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. This optional download is available from

        Note:If you install Windows Media Player while FrontPage is running, you will need to close and re-start FrontPage before the player is correctly detected.

        Open a Web in FrontPage. Embed the Windows Media Player by selecting "Insert / Windows Media Player". At this point the Windows Media Player 9 or 10 Series Add-In Wizard is opened: 1) Browse for the audio and video content you wish to embed. You may add multiple audio and video files and use the wizard to determine what order you want them to play in. 2) Optionally convert media files such as .WAV and .AVI to Windows Media for efficient network delivery. 3) Select the controls you wish to appear in the Web page. These controls will enable the user to start and stop the playback of the media. 4) Hit Finish and the Add-In does the rest behind the scenes. You can now preview the embedded Windows Media content in FrontPage. To view the properties of your embedded media, right click on the Windows Media object in the page and select FrontPage Component Properties. For more information, take advantage of the FrontPage add-ins newsgroup at:,
        where both users and developers have the opportunity to discuss best practices for using this add-in.