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    Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business

    The Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business program provides prescriptive guidance on planning, building, operating, and supporting end-to-end integrated information technology (IT) solutions for small and medium businesses. Peer-to-Peer Networking with Windows XP is a part of this program.
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        Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business - Program Overview provides details of the following three solutions that make up the program:

        • Peer-to-Peer Networking with Windows XP: Designed for a server-less environment with up to ten users.

        • Small IT Solution: Designed as an entry level server-based solution for up to 50 users.

        • Small IT Solution for Mobility: Designed as a Windows Mobile-based solution to enable mobility in Small Business Server-based environments with up to 50 users.

        • Medium IT Solution Series: Designed as a flexible solution for an environment of up to 250 users.

        The Peer-to-Peer Networking with Windows XP solution provides guidance on how to connect and configure computers and networks in a small office or a home office with up to 10 users. This solution helps you through the common tasks, answers questions you may have, and helps you avoid or troubleshoot problems that you may encounter. The solution is targeted at business users who use and install their own computer systems.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition , Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2

        • For Microsoft® Windows NT or Microsoft® Windows 9X or Microsoft® Windows ME or Microsoft® Windows 2000 please read the important section of the instructions below.

        • Microsoft® Word is required to view the documentation.
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