Active Server Pages Sample Application for English Query

Learn to add English Query search capabilities to your Web site with this Active Server Page (ASP) sample application. This download has been updated with support for SQL Server OLAP Services.
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      Microsoft English Query is the natural language interface for SQL Server 7.0. The English Query object model translates English into Transact-SQL statements or OLAP queries and is designed to be embedded inside a larger application such as this sample Active Server Pages (ASP) application.

      This sample provides the capability to add an English Query search page created for an English Query domain to a Web site, which results in a level of searching power for your users that is difficult to reproduce with a conventional form-based search interface. You can also use this sample as a Web-based English search page for your database, or you can embed portions of the sample's ASP code inside your own ASP-based Web site.

      This sample has been updated with support for SQL Server OLAP Services. So, if you have the Beta version of English Query 7.5, you can create an English Query interface for an OLAP cube, and then use this ASP sample to create a Web search page for OLAP cubes in addition to SQL Server databases.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 2000, Windows NT

    • The Readme.htm file (contained in the ASPSample.exe file) provides information about how to set up this application on an Internet Information Server.
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