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        This section contains a variety of archived samples to assist IT Professionals and Web Developers. All samples may be downloaded.

        The calendar behavior is used to provide a quick and easy method for users to find and select a date. It can be used in any situation where date input is required, such as on a web page form, in utilities, or in applications.

        The colorpick behavior adds a color palette control to a Web page. The color palette allows users to select a specific color from the visual control. Selected colors are submitted as hexadecimal values if the control is embedded within a form.

        This behavior implements an Explorer-style toolbar.

        The dataselect behavior adds databinding capabilities to the SELECT element. Web pages that include a data source object can use dataselect to populate pull down menus and multi-select menus with field values from the data source.

        The menu behavior allows authors to create expanding and collapsing menus on Web pages. Each menu node can enclose other nodes or standard HTML elements, such as an anchor.

        The imageRollover behavior provides a script-free method for web page authors to add rollover effects to images. It also adds limited button-like behavior by allowing the author to specify a replacement image in response to user click. The images used in this behavior will be downloaded and cached after the page loads, or sooner if they are needed in response to a user action. All methods and events are provided by the familiar events normally provided by an image.

        The mask edit behavior is applied to INPUT elements that allow data entry to provide a combination of restricted input as well as formatted output. When information is entered, visual cues are provided about the type of acceptable information, and feedback about incorrect entries. The behavior can be applied to many common types of forms fields, such as date, time, monetary, percentage and phone number formats. These masks can be applied through one of several preset formats.

        This behavior allows the web author to make page elements moveable via the mouse or through script. The movement can be limited to a set area, or to horizontal or vertical movement only.

        The mpc behavior adds a multipage control to a Web page. Authors can easily organize information using a common interface that is familiar to most users. Each page is accessed by a tab, which can be rendered at the top or bottom of the control.

        This behavior adds striping, hovering and other useful features to regular and data-bound table rows.

        The slider behavior inserts a slider control into a Web page and is a method for Web authors to allow users to select a value from a gradient. A slider can be placed on the page with a vertical or horizontal orientation. Values are selected by dragging the slider with the mouse. Tick marks are provided according to an author-specified range.

        The ToolTip behavior enables authors to add a ToolTip to any element on the page. HTML, including images and CSS formatting, can be included in the ToolTip. Authors may also control the placement and duration of the ToolTip.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows XP Service Pack 2

        These samples were tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1
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