Desktop Lifecycle Management with System Center Essentials 2007

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This whitepaper gives an overview of Desktop Lifecycle Management with System Center Essentials 2007
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      Properly managing an IT environment requires expertise and often takes significant amounts of time and effort. Systems administrators are responsible for providing their organizations with access to critical applications and services while ensuring that systems perform optimally and remain secure. Unfortunately, keeping pace with the frequency of changes in any size IT environment can be a daunting task. The problem is often more pronounced in midsize organizations, where systems administrators are forced to juggle many responsibilities.

      In an ideal world, desktop systems would manage themselves. They’d magically appear, already configured based on your organization’s requirements, and they would never run into any problems. The real world is quite different. Issues such as deployment, monitoring, and updating computers can have a significant impact on organizations’ budgets (not to mention systems administrators’ blood pressure).

      While it might be possible to complete some tasks manually, the number of devices and applications that must be managed can quickly become overwhelming. Add in priorities unrelated to desktop lifecycle management, and help is sure to be welcome. The best solution for managing IT environments that are increasing in size and complexity is through automation. This whitepaper gives an overview of the components of desktop life cycle management
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