SQL Server SSIS Sample Component: RTrimPlus

RTrimPlus takes a string or unicode column, and removes trailing spaces, whether ASCII, or Japanese.
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      SSIS expression evaluator provides an RTRIM function, but it does not recognize the Japanese ideographic space.

      This transform takes a string or unicode column, and removes trailing spaces, whether ASCII, or Japanese.

      Configure in advanced editor by clicking input columns containing string values. usage type must be set to READWRITE.

      Included in this install is a file containing ideographic spaces. (spaces2trim.txt) Use a flat file source adapter to read from it. Make sure the code page is set to 932 (Japanese). In code page 932, the ideographic space is represented by two bytes 0x81, 0x40. Run this data through the RTrimPlus transform and see output without trailing spaces of either sort.

      This component is part of a series of components that illustrate increasingly complex behavior, each one exercising a greater proportion of the SSIS object model. If studying in order, this component follows UnDouble, and precedes ConfigureUnDouble.

      This component was built to provide an introduction to component metadata validation. Also illustrated are:

      - Use SetUsageType to validate selected input columns
      - What are orphaned input columns?
      - IsValid IsCorrupt IsBroken NeedsNewMetadata– when to use?
      - Pipeline data types – Issue: need runtime wrapper in using
      - What about changed upstream data types?
      - How to fire an error.
      - The design time interface
      - You are guaranteed a call to validate before execution, so don’t sweat validation in preexecute
      - Throwing and hresults
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

      SQL Server 2005; Visual Studio 2005
    • Install and build as directed in readme.txt
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