Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MSIT Comprehensive Configuration Pack for Configuration Manager 2007

    This configuration pack contains configuration items intended to manage your Windows Server 2003 server roles, and was developed based on settings used by Microsoft IT in the configuration of these server roles.
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        The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MSIT Comprehensive Configuration Pack is designed to be used for managing the configuration of Windows 2003 servers. This configuration pack defines recommended configurations based on an extensive number of settings affecting the configuration of Windows 2003 servers in the Microsoft IT environment. A partial list of the included configuration items and settings can be obtained by downloading the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MSIT Basic Configuration Pack and/or the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MSIT Intermediate Configuration Pack. It is recommended that users begin by evaluating their configuration against the Basic configuration pack, and then progress to the Intermediate and Comprehensive configuration packs as desired configurations are verified.

        Once imported into SCCM 2007, this configuration pack and its included configuration items can be targeted to collections of systems which are then audited for compliance with the recommended configurations. When settings are detected to be out of compliance, events will be generated and sent to the Configuration Manager server where the data is available for reporting. This enables early detection of potentially detrimental configuration changes and allows the administrator to correct the settings before they may cause downtime events.

        Please note that the configuration items, settings, and values used by Microsoft IT and included in this configuration pack will not necessarily reflect the desired configuration for every possible Windows Server 2003 environment. The administrator should verify that the rules being evaluated reflect the desired configuration for their specific environment. If desired, the administrator can also modify the configuration pack by changing the value(s) specified for given settings-based configuration items or by adding/removing configuration items from the model through the Desired Configuration Management user interface within the SCCM 2007 console.

        Feature Bullet Summary:
        The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MSIT Comprehensive Configuration Pack includes configuration items for the following:
          • Active Directory (AD)
          • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
          • Domain Name System (DNS)
          • Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
          • File Services
          • Print Services

        To understand in detail what each configuration item will be evaluating please review the properties of that configuration item in the context of the server role being addressed.

        Configuration Pack Release History:
        11/12/2007 - Version 1.0 - Original release of the English version
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2003

        Windows Server 2003 (32-bit edition)
        System Center Configuration Manager 2007
      • Downloading and Extracting
        To download the pack:
        1. Click on the Download button to begin download of the configuration pack MSI file
        2. On the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server, click on the MSI file to extract the included files into a temporary directory

        Importing the Configuration Pack
        You can import the configuration pack using the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager administrative console and following these steps :
        1. Open the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager administrative console
        2. Navigate to the System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Desired Configuration Management node
        3. Right-click Configuration Items, Import Configuration Data to load the Import Configuration Data Wizard
        4. Click Add, browse to the temporary directory containing the extracted files, select the .cab files, and click Open
        5. Follow the remaining Wizard instructions

        For more information about using desired configuration management in Configuration Manager 2007 with imported best practices configuration data from Configuration Packs, see the topic "Desired Configuration Management Administrator Workflows" in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library ( ).

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